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"How amazing Ed is! From not only a professional aspect, but from a human being aspect! He helped guide us through the process, he was beyond flexible! Even through the 4 venue changes"

-Cassandra K.

Tier 1 price Range ($1200-$2500)

These clips of videos consist of weddings in this tier. There are many factors involved when coming up with a specific quote. We don't do a "one size fits all" price because every wedding is unique. Price will vary based if your wedding is in-or-out of season, day of the week, hours of performance, package size, and location. For the most part, what you see in the clips below are based on the most popular packages: Dj, Mc, Uplighting, and Photobooth. 

Tier 2 price range ($2000-$3500)

This clips consist of weddings in this tier. This is what were known for, larger scale weddings. We got the lights, we got the special effects, and we know how to use them. The couples with a bigger appetite in having new, fresh ideas and performances, is where many land. The DJ XL is the other most popular setup.

What you get for your money

Hey, there’s a whole lot to talk about regarding your day and what everything entails what we can offer. Here what we offer:

About 40 hours of planning and production and up to 5 hours of performance time (which you can contract more).


2 person team at your reception to ensure everything is handled property. 1 tailored wedding master of ceremonies and 1 Manager to ensure optimal service. We don’t recommend just hiring a Dj as most Dj’s brides have seen tell us they just show up, play music, eat, drink, and go home. A master of ceremonies will be the go-to person for you that night, ensuring everything is moving along smoothly with the timeline that we build with you in advance.


Speaking of timeline creation, we create that with you (unless an outside coordinator does that for you). You have in person planning meetings with you starting at 4-6 months prior to your event to ensure everything is taken care of. Your final planning meeting is about 2-3 weeks before your wedding.


Video footage of someone performing at an event is crucial…otherwise you are handing a live mic to a complete stranger in front of all your friends and family. I wouldn’t recommend risking your memories and the success of your event in the hands of someone who may be doing this just for the extra few hundred dollars on the weekend. You can see video footage of our master of ceremonies performing at:


We have two goals for any event we partner with couples on.

  1. We want you and your partner to feel like guests at your wedding day. When you show up, leave everything to us and we’ll take care of it. Essentially we are your DJ, Master of ceremonies and Event planner/day of event coordinator all rolled into one.

  2. We want your guests to leave saying “wow. That was so much was so them!”


If that sounds like what you are looking for then I would recommend a time to have a virtual chat with us and see how we can help you further, or if you want to be sure you don’t lose your date feel free to call me and can work out the rest of the details. Ultimately, brides hire us to take responsibility for the success of their wedding day so they can relax and enjoy it. Its what we do best..that and provide great memories.

At your service,






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